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What is The Art World?

This is a complex question and it can be answered a number of different ways depending upon who is doing the talking. Ask an artist and they will invariably say: Why all the artists, of course!Ask someone else professional and they will say: Galleries and museums. Ask someone outside its observed boundaries, and they will say: Huh?These responses suggest the differences between many people in answering a question that can be defined variably.
I tend to think of the art world as a complex community of individuals and companies which all fall in line behind the idea of art as a unifying and inspired context. How this results in relationships and power structures is another matter altogether.
Each person in the art world must find the best way to navigate it to the best of their ability and sometimes they need help doing it.

This is where I can be of assistance. In most cases, the situations one needs to surmount are ones I have experienced, or I know someone else who has, and can provide…