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January 8-February 7, 2016

Station Independent Projects
138 Eldridge Street #2-F
Michael Alan, Michele Basora, Vincent Ciniglio, Roya Farassat,
Gentleman's Game, Norma Minkowitz, Alfred Steiner. 
The Angel of History addresses how artists are fascinated by the models of antiquity, and how they each in their own way engage with the iconology of the past as a means of creating the future. Cumulatively they fill the current historical moment with a wealth of imagery culled from the depth and breadth of their personal influences, their passion for figure, form, color, and detail, and their perspective on how the past builds the present with the future always a sidelong glance. Making work that is both historically significant, idiosyncratic enough to be considered a personal signature, and accruing meaning in a contemporary context are all part of the appeal of such work. Establishing the appeal of timeless genres such as narrative or iconological representation that are inherently …